Street Photography in Rembang and Lasem Central Java

In any where we can produce  street photography, but this time I got opportunity to visit Rembang and Lasem city in North Coast Central Java in the mid of Ramadhan or June 2017.  Rembang and Lasem are well known with  the heritage of its China town. This uniqueness of Rembang and Lasem made this place become  extra-ordinary for street photography.

The pictures below are some street shot I made in Rembang and Lasem.


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Landscape Photography of Wedi Ombo Beach, Yogyakarta

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Nam Hai Kwan Se Im Pu Sa Monastery in Pelabuhan Ratu, West Java Indonesia

The entrance gate to the monastery

Nam Hai Kwan Se Im Pu Sa monastery is located in the Loji District, which is  in the Village Kertajaya, Simpenan District, Sukabumi, West Java Province. It  is a unique place for worship. It is not  only used as a place for worship, this monastery also becomes an interesting destination for tourists. It is located on a hill facing to the sea of  Indian ocean. It makes this monastery to have  a beautiful sea view and exotic scenery.

The Jailud god altar

Located about 25 km from Pelabuhan Ratu and 80 km from Sukabumi City, Vihara which has another name Dewi Kwan Im Temple and also Loji Vihara is built on the initiative of Anotahi Kamonwathin, who was a Thai citizen.

The woman, also known as Mama Airin, dreamed that she had to build a monastery on the coast. He believed that the temple seen in his dreams had been built, precisely at the time of the Qing dynasty. But the monastery disappeared with time.

Sea view from the monastery

Her  efforts began by searching for a vacant lot to build the temple. The search started from Thailand, until entering Indonesia. Southern area  and Malang also had been  searched, but the results obtained was none. Until finally Mama Airin got the news that there is a plot of land located in the Pelabuhan Ratu, Sukabumi.
Mama Airin’s heart felt happy because the location of the land was very similar to the one was seen in her dream.  Eventually, the temple or the monastery was built and completed in August 8, 2000.

The altar that face to the Indian ocean. Very breath-taking view

Versi Indonesia.

Kuil atau Vihara Nam Hai Kwan Se Im Pu Sa yang juga disebut sebagai kuil Dewi Kwan Im ini terletak disebuah desa kecil bernama Kertajaya atau Loji Kecamatan Simpenan Palabuhan Ratu Kabupaten Sukabumi. Lokasinya berjarak kurang lebih 25 kilometer  dari pusat kota Palabuhan Ratu. Akses masih buruk menjadikan tempat ini kurang dikenal. Namun jalan buruk itu bukan halangan untuk mereka yang merindukan kedamaian dan kedekatan dengan Sang Pencipta Semesta Alam.  Itulah laku mati raga peziarah yang ingin menemukan kedamaian dan bersatu dengan alam.

Disepanjang jalan menuju Vihara Nam Hai Kwan Se Im Pu Sa kita akan melewati beberapa pantai yang indah, diantaranya adalah pantai Cipunaga. Ada yang menarik dari Pantai ini, yakni terdapat banyak karang – karang besar yang memiliki nama tersendiri seperti karang kecil, karang besar, karang perahu, karang bolong, dan karang merah.

The pilgrimage worshiped in Kwan Im goddess altar.

Berdiri diatas sebuah bukit landai yang menghadap langsung ke Laut lepas, Vihara Nam Hai Kwan Se Im Pu Sa ini akan menjadi tempat yang cocok untuk menyegarkan jiwa dan pikiran disela – sela kepenatan rutinitas kerja.


The pilgrimage were  entering the main gate of the monastery


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Landscape : Situ Cipondoh, Tangerang City 

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Water reservoir Cipondoh Tangerang

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Street Photography : resting and viewing.

A man is resting and viewing on the Jakarta pedestrian bench

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Nature Gallery: The needle like palm 

The blue sky with needle like palm

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One view of South Jakarta

High-rise in urban of Jakarta.

Like other capital city in the developing countries, in Jakarta  the high-rise building is in a race with the housing for the indigenous citizen. 
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Sunset over Jakarta Skycrapper

Sunset over Jakarta high-rise building

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The Javanese Puppet shadow show

The puppet master was playing the puppet shadow in a fight scene

Last week,  I watched an all night long Javanese puppet shadow show in Pesanggrahan soccer field nearby my home. It was an interesting show and attended by many citizen of Javanese spoken in my district.

This show apparently was sponsored by the “Dulure Djarot” community or the friends or supporter of the Djarot Syaifullah the Jakarta vice governor candidate.

This show apparently tried to streng then the bond of brotherhood and the culturale heritage of Islam Nusantara or the teaching od Sunan Kalijaga, one of 9 wali of the old islamic teaching in Javanese history. 

The wayang kulit or puppet shadow show had been widely ised by Sunan Kalijaga to teach and spread out a peaceful Islam while honoring the previously existence of Hinduism and Siwa Buddha religion in Java and Nusantara.

Like the show last night, the puppet shadow show or wayang kulit show become a prayer of Javanese spoken citizen requesting a peacul and prosperous life. Especially for Jakarta city who will hold the governor election. 

The Javanese puppet shadow or wayang kulit staged up a story of wisdom from Mahabarata epic that was modified with Islamic teaching. Then by this way Islam can be peacefully accepted to the Javanese and Nusantara people in the history. It was Sunan Kalijaga who invented and spread out this method.

In the middle of the Javanese puppet show, it was inserted with humorous dialog that contain many persuasive teaching to the spectator.

A humorous dialog between a beautiful ladies singer  called waranggono with the puppet master is always inserted as an entertaining stand up comedy to the spectators. Sometime a very soft critics in humorous way as a self critics to the society was thrown out to the audience, but the audience then break in laughter no anger to the social critics. It is a part of wise way to teach the citizen.

An old man absorbly enjoyed the play of gamelan, Javanese music instrumen.

The wayang show or Javanese puppet shadow show is a very popular common people entertainment in Indonesia Java. This is entertainment, wisdom teaching, information sharing and  brotherhood solidarity. Indonesia should guard and make this culture eternal for Indonesia.

The puppet master.

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Street Art in Old Town Jakarta.


Street art in Kota Tua Jakarta ( Old town )

Kota Tua ( old town ) is a old complex near by the Museum Fatahilah.  The Museum Fatahilah is the landmark of the Jakarta old town area.  There are some museum in the surrounding of Museum Fatahilah.  Also in the surrounding the museum there are many open public space where people can rent and play the colourful bycicle. There are also many street vendor  selling handycraft. Another things is the “statue-like” people like in the photo above.

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