About me ……

I like travelling and photography.  I like doing photography projects

I am a petroleum  geoscientist by profession but I like  photography. I did many exploration studies and operation to find oil and gas. My profession as oil finder had brought me to many places around the world. From inner jungle i Indonesia, savanah in Mozambique to metropolitan city like Beijing, London, Bangkok, Almaty and Cyprus in the last 10 years. But before this I went to Washington, New York, Paris and London that I could not record since ot was from the era no digital photography and blogging system.

I also traveled with my family to Belitung, North Sulawesi, South sulawesi, Bali, Lombok, Flores and North Sumatera. Off course West Java and Central Java.



I was in the most Southern Tip of South Africa, when I attended the AAPG conference 2008 in Cape Town.


I visited Stonehenge UK in  May 2015


London May 2015

Arrived at Larnaca Cyprus

In Cyprus May 2012

Larnaca Marina

At Larnaca Marina Cyprus May 2013

Monument of Independence of Kazakhstan

Almaty, kazakhstan


London in May 2015. Selling Mozambique exploration venture




The Mosque of Sultan Tekke in Larnaca, Cyprus

The mosque of Sultan Tekke Cyprus


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  1. Jackie says:

    Thank you for visiting my blog! I appreciate it very much. 🙂

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