Ogoh-ogoh also came up in Bogor 2017 Cap Go Meh

Ogoh-ogoh is a gigantic puppet from  Bali Hinduism. It is typical Indonesian Balinese Hinduism.

Ogoh-Ogoh are works of sculpture in the culture of Bali which describe the personality Bhuta Kala. In the teachings of Hindu Dharma, Bhuta Kala represents strength (Bhu) universe and time (Kala) that are measurable and irrefutable.

Ogoh ogoh is a kind of statue / giant doll which is made of light materials such as the combination of wood, bamboo, paper, and styrofoam so it is easy to be lifted and paraded. With the development or technology and materials, people prefer using styrofoam because of its lightweight and easiness to be carved and processed, but of course it costs more. Ogoh-ogoh is made in form of Bhuta Kala or evil spirits and creatures who like to disturb human’s life. Bhuta Kala is usually symbolized as a giant creature / Rakshasa with scary and ferocious appearance. Bhuta Kala is the kind of evil creatures which possessed bad nature in them. In Hindu and Buddha mythology, it is said that the word “rakshasa” means “cruelty”, which is the opposite of the word “raksha” which means “tranquility”. By parading ogoh-ogoh and in the end burn or destroy it, it is expected that those vices could be kept away from human race.

Ogoh-ogoh came up in the Bogor 2017 Cap Go Meh street festival in 11 February 2017, to show the richness of Indonesian multuculture.


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