Ombak dan Batu di Pantai Karang Pamulang 

Karang Pamulang beach Pelabuhan Ratu Jawa Barat Indonesia

Karang Pamulang beach is an iconic beach  in Pelabuhan Ratu West Java Indonesia. Pamulang means the place of sending back. Why is is called “sending back beach”. This is the place where the drowned and drifted people in the beach  in Pelabuhan Ratu always found or sent back to this place. So the local people call this beach as Karang Pamulang that means the rocky beach where the drowned victim is sent back from the sea.  It is interesting isn’t it?
The rock ( Karang )  on the right is the place ussualy the dead body of drowned victim is found. It was sent back from the sea to this place. That is the name of Karang Pamulang come from.


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