Sunset in Karang Suraga, Anyer, Banten.

Sunset at Karang Suraga

Karang Suraga beach was 2 hours drive from  Pesanggrahan Jakarta. Karang Suraga is  one of a  beach in Anyer.

Even my work in my office was so challenging and I love it very much but still I need a time play with my toys in photography. Playing an experiment of my idea or try new lesson learned from what I read about other people experience in photography.

My  project in my new office is very enjoyable but I still like doing photography and this photography works gave me a chance to go out only with my wife. After doing photography in the afternoon we spent time  together with fried banans and coffee. We eat dinner together in a cottage restaurant Nuansa Bali in Anyer. It was wonderful having time together with my wife after landscaping and sunset photography.

I took those picture by my Sony Alpha 6000. I used Casiotel 3 stop GND soft filter and a big stopper that I forgot the detail. I need to check it on my stopper if you want.

We arrived at Karang Suraga at 2. The day was still hot and bright whe we arrived there. The place was nice  and quiet but the toilet was bad. You should not be forced to need toilet and you have to managed it better if you want to spent long hours in here like we did. Especially for woman it was like a terrible.



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