Green seaweed on the rocks and people fishing.


It was about 4 in the afternoon, I directed my camera to many area in the Karang Suraga beach in Anyer. I saw green seawed on the rocks and people far in the water fishing under the sun.

I was very keen to test my wide lens sel 10 – 18 mm and the Casiotel GND soft 3 stop filter. I did not know if the place was good  or not, but I stopped and parked my car near the shore. I was with my wife in that Saturday afternoon. We have driven our car for 2 hours from Pesanggrahan to Anyer. My wife then nodded to agree with choice to stop here. At the end I found that this place was Karang Suraga beach in Anyer.

Anyer was about 80 kms west-ward from Jakarta. We took the outer ring toll road that connected to Jakarta-Cilegon toll road. We exited at Cilegon Barat toll gate and continued to Jalan Nasional a long coast to Anyer.

The road along the way to Anyer was very quiet. It may have caused of  the fasting month. The beach was also quiet. Nice for photography.


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