Red Boat in Rawa Pening


Rawa Pening is a lake in Ambarawa Central Java. It is one of local tourist destination in Central Java Indonesia. This lake also become tha favourite place for photographer. Sunrise and sunset scene here are beautiful.

In this lake the photographer can find a lot of human interest subjects. There are many fishermen heree to work fishing everyday, in the morning and afternoon.

The Rawa Pening Lake also wellknown of its water hyacinth. This water hyacinth give a uniqueness to the Rawa Pening lake.

You can rent a boat for 100 thousands rupiah for 30 minute sailing around the lake. The boat can take 8 to 10 people. 100 thousand rupiah for 10 people is not expensive.

We reached the Rawa Pening from Ungaran, Semarang, in 21 May 2016. We actually on the way from Ungaran to Bantul Yogyakarta. It took about one hour from Ungaran by a car and we arrive at Rawa Pening around 10.30 in the morning.

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Arif Wibowo shared a photo with you from the Flickr app! Take a look:
Rawa Pening Lake in Ambarawa Central Java.


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