Prayer on the Boat: Ngudi Rejeki means “Seeks Fortune”


That is what the fishermen to mean their work. They go to the sea, challenge the storm and the rough sea, to make a living for their family life. For the school pay of their children.

The fishermen can experience and contemplate how their life is very much dependent on the mercy of God. Some time they got a lot of fish and money, but very often they almost lose their life in the rough sea. Their works teach them to close to God the Almighty.

They wrote their pray to God on their boat. It will remind them the reason why they bet their life in the storm and rough sea.

I took this beautiful shot in  fishermen villagw of Drini beach, Gunung Kidul sea shore in Jogyakarta Indonesia.

Arif Wibowo shared a photo with you from the Flickr app! Take a look:
Ngudi Rejeki means "seeks fortune".


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