Rainbow Fish Net in a Walungan

In that Saturday 2 April 2016, finally I got direction by a mobile phone where is the place for photo hunting. It was in a walungan at Kamoung Carang Pulang Desa Cikarawang.

Walungan is a Sundanese word that means small river in a village in West Java Province Indonesia . Many villagers has daily activities in walungan. The villagers wash their clothes, taking a bath, netting fish, showering buffalo in walungan. Here below is the villager throwing rainbow fish net in walungan.


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About Arif Wibowo

Passion on Photography Live in Jakarta, Indonesia. Working in oil and gas company. Like traveling, bicycle, and photography. Born in Sukabumi, West Java. Graduate from Physics ITB 1985.
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2 Responses to Rainbow Fish Net in a Walungan

  1. I’ve never seen a rainbow net before. Is there any reason why it is so?

  2. Arif Wibowo says:

    The reason is to appear more interesting and easily identified 🙂

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