Sunrise at Situ Gede from Kelurahan Office.

This is still at Saturday 2 April 2016. After taking some photos at Sentul Selatan toll gate,  I drove my Vios Toyota  into the Bogor outer ring road toward the Dramaga area.

I did not know where was the spot for the photo hunting, as I knew the event from Facebook. I did not know the event organzer yet, I only know the gut from Facebook. Then I sent peesonal message asking for his mobile phone number. The place was difficult to explain but he said that I just wait at the Situ Gede Kelurahan office. So, I drove my Vios Toyota to Kelurahan office via the CIFOR in Bohor.

6.15 am I arrived at Situ Gede Lake by the Kelurahan office. No body there. I wait the guy by taking some sunrise shots to Situ Gede lake.


Not bad! I took several shots to the South-East view.


I waited and just waited the guy did not come up. I called him but no answer. Lucky, I got a pjone number that apparently one of the other participant and I got the answer. She gave  the phone to the EO guy and he explained that the photo hunting was not far away from the place I stopped. It was at the Kampung Pulang Carang Desa Cikarawang. It was on the way from Situ Gede Kelurahan office to IPB Dramaga campus. So, I went there straight a way.

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