Sunrise at Situ Gede from Kelurahan Office.

This is still at Saturday 2 April 2016. After taking some photos at Sentul Selatan toll gate,  I drove my Vios Toyota  into the Bogor outer ring road toward the Dramaga area.

I did not know where was the spot for the photo hunting, as I knew the event from Facebook. I did not know the event organzer yet, I only know the gut from Facebook. Then I sent peesonal message asking for his mobile phone number. The place was difficult to explain but he said that I just wait at the Situ Gede Kelurahan office. So, I drove my Vios Toyota to Kelurahan office via the CIFOR in Bohor.

6.15 am I arrived at Situ Gede Lake by the Kelurahan office. No body there. I wait the guy by taking some sunrise shots to Situ Gede lake.


Not bad! I took several shots to the South-East view.


I waited and just waited the guy did not come up. I called him but no answer. Lucky, I got a pjone number that apparently one of the other participant and I got the answer. She gave  the phone to the EO guy and he explained that the photo hunting was not far away from the place I stopped. It was at the Kampung Pulang Carang Desa Cikarawang. It was on the way from Situ Gede Kelurahan office to IPB Dramaga campus. So, I went there straight a way.

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About Arif Wibowo

Passion on Photography Live in Jakarta, Indonesia. Working in oil and gas company. Like traveling, bicycle, and photography. Born in Sukabumi, West Java. Graduate from Physics ITB 1985.
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