Sunrise at Sentul Selatan Jagorawi Toll Gate

Yesterday morning, it was Saturday of 2 April 2016, I got up early in the morning, around 4.30 AM. I prepared myself for an early morning journey.

I prepared my ransoom, finished my bath, grabbed my camera and gear then I started my Vios Toyota and run away via Simatupang toll road to go to Jagorawi toll road. I am going to go to Bogor. I was joining a photography hunting in a rural area in Bogor. I would join my new photography friend that I never met before. I was just told to mee at Kelurahan office nearby the Situ Gede lake.

I focussed driving. I tried to strengthen my eyes and kicked out the rest of my sleepy eyes. I drove my Vios by my own.

Before I left the toll road about the Sentul Selatan toll gate, the sky a bit red on the left. It was still sunrise. I stopped my car and took some sunrise picture to the East toward the Gunung Gede, Mount Gede.


Nice view isn’t it?

I still could capture the red sky, some fog and the mountain in a background.


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