One day before Cap Go Meh at Pan Kho Bio Bogor

It was  Sunday 21 February 2016, one day before the Cap Go Meh  day, I was at the Pan Kho Bio (  temple ) in Bogor. The Pan Kho Bio is acknowledged as the oldest Chinese temple in Bogor. The temple was so unique since  it is a site for confucianism, Taoism, Budhism and Islam.

This bio or temple was located in a place called Pulo Geulis in Central Bogor just nearby the Ciliwung river and in the middle of a compact urban. We have to pass a bridge over Ciliwung river to reach this bio.


The god of the host of this bio is Phan Kho. So it is called the Pan Kho Bio.


The picture above is the altar and place of the Phan Kho god. The Phan Kho god sits  in the middle. In that day, one day before the 2016 Bogor Cap Go Meh, the Pan Kho god was moved from its throne to a joli for then marching from Pan Kho bio to Hok Tek Bio or Mahacetya Dhanagun temple in Jalan Suryakencana 1 Bogor.

The process of moving the Phan Kho god was very careful and honorful.


In that day The Phan Kho god was moved from its throne to its joli. Joli in the old days, in China, joli was vehicle of very respected people, like king, queen, governor or land lord. This vehicle is uphold by some strong people. The higher the rank the person the more people uphold the joli. In the old time, people believe that to involve in upholding the respected person is an honor. Now, people believe to uphold safely the joli with the god inside is an honor.

After being seated in the joli the Phan Kho god was betterly dressed up. People put on a red cloth wrapping the Phan Kho god.


The Pan Kho god in the joli  is being marched from Pulo Geulis to Mahacetya Dhanagun temple.


The Pan Kho arrived at Mahacetya Dhanagun temple. The Phan Kho was welcomed and seated on the altar at the temple.

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