Cap Go Meh 2016 : A Bogor Folk Festival

This is the first time I involved as team member of Cap Go Meh official photograher team. About a month before the 2016 Chinese New Year a friene of mine put me in a whatsapp chat group which was actually a group of photographer who were selected to voluntarily documenting the 2016 Chinese New Year and the Cap Go Meh festival ini Bogor.

At the day of 22 February 2016  or at the Cap Go Meh day, I arrived at Bogor around 9 in the morning and I rushed to Vihara Mahacetya Dhanagun as I read a message on my whatsapp that an event is about to start in the Vihara Dhanagun. There will be a guest from Taiwan arrive to Vihara Dhanagun.

In the afternoon, the 2016 Cap Go Meh started at around  3 pm in the afternoon.

Television live talk show about Cap Go Meh 2016




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