Abang and None Jakarta Selatan in My Village, Kampoeng Agrowisata Pasanggrahan

JG Arif Wibowo Photography on Travel, Culture and People

The Abang and None Jakarta are tourist ambassador from Jakarta. They are the young gentlemen and ladies who are selected every year to represent the Jakarta culture promotion with its Betawi customs.
Anom Adimasetio, Nitia Anisa, Haryobimo Pramudito, Oscar Desano, Eko Wahjoe Tranggono and Senandung Nacita Mizwar are some of the 2009 selected Abang and None Jakarta from South Jakarta. They attended the establishment of RW Pesanggarahan village to become agrowisata village on Sunday 26 October 2009.

The picture above shows them performing Betawai dance to welcome the honored guests.

Their dance was so funny and entetaining the attendance.

In the front, very beautiful ladies of None Jakarta, Senandung and Nitia. In a very cheerful expression, they danced for the guests and the local people.

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