Karang Taraje Beach Rocks, Banten Province of Indonesia


The Karang Taraje beach rocks is a virgin area. It can not be reach by car. We have to use motor-cycle taxi or ojeck to reach the beach.

The Karang Taraje is a beach rock to the Indian Ocean. It is located in sub-district Bayah, in Lebak District of Banten Province. It is a part of  Sawarna beach. The Karang Taraje beach rock is within the area called Legon Pari. Legon Pari is like a bay that consist of the Karang Taraje in the east side, the lagoon in the middle and Karang Beureum beach rock ( read beach rock ) on the west.

This place is about 180 km from Jakarta. The best way to get there by car is via Jagorawi toll road to Ciawi, then from Ciawi to Cibadak, Cikidang, Pelabuhan Ratu, Cisolok then Bayah.

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