Start to lead! Do not wait a promotion!

Leadership is about having a vision and objectives. It may be your personal objective or corporate objectives. It will create a leadership in you. When you lead, you are influencing people.

Do I have to have a top position with a given authority to lead? Or to influence? The essential thing is that you have a vision or target then you will lead. You can be a leader even you are not on the top organization. Say, you are in the middle of organization and you have a boss or several bosses, you have a peer of team member, and you have subordinates. You are in the middle but you want to move the organization toward a certain goal. Then you are a leader in the middle of the structure.

I like and enjoy being in the middle organization. Not on the top and not in the bottom of the world because I feel that I have a vision and satisfaction when I can see a progression or positive changes in my company or organization. I like reading anything and find something that I can apply or share in my environment and see the positive changes in my environment. Lucky for the company and lucky for me, both party take benefit of it. Sound like a dream?

The good method of learning or becoming skilful is three person teaching method. We read the book and learn, we practice the skill in the real world then we share or teach the skill and experience to other people. When we share or speak publicly or we teach we will come realize what we really understand and we do not really understand. We will read and train more for the things that we do not understand but for the things that we have understood will be reinforced.

My position, as a person in the middle of structure, forces me to learn a skill, to better influence my peer, below and above. Three person teaching method is good way to learn influencing people.

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