Creative work also means that you do not limit your work with any boundary

This morning I did a peer review on the exploration leads inventory of one of our business unit. This is what I told to my exploration leader in the business unit in our corporation.

In creating opportunity, the petroleum GeoScientist should not be restricted or limited by the concession boundary or the contract time . It has to be limitless.

Exploration or prospect generation is a creative process with unlimited data. We work with available data in the concession boundary but our thought shall go beyond the boundary. Geology can not be limited by the geographic, nation, or political boundary. Geology is about a region, about a trend.

So, in managing geoscience activities we should manage in a geological region basis. It can be in a geological basin basis or several basins with the same character or analog.

That is why I told my team leader that the Geoscientist in the business unit is responsible for exploration wildcat, development, work over and new venture opportunities in the surrounding.

When we study the geology in the business unit or concession area, we have to see the regional trend in the surrounding concession area. When we go beyond the concession boundary, we might find new venture opportunities in the surrounding.

A GeoScientist with a creative work deliverability should not object with this job description. This is a part of our professionalism.

It is just a simple reminder. I talked a lot, but this is what I could share.


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