The Richer consumes more

For example, we can quote on one book that the US, with its 5% population ofthe world, consumes 40% world resources. The US is a rich, or maybe the richest, country. The rich society tend to spend more and cinsume more compare to the poor society. This is not because the richer has more money to spend, but they seems to be addicted to consume things.

In Indonesia, how about Jakarta compare to other city? It is believed that almost 70 % of financial circulation is in Jakarta. That is no wonder that Jakarta consumes the largest for resources like energy, material, entertainment and food. The more Jakarta consume the more it become the economic generator.

Jakarta with 15 million citizen or 15 % of Indonesian population consume much larger than any other cities or region in Indonesia. The rich people is the main target of consumption edication by marketing of companies. People consume what they want and not what they need. This is the succes of marketing practice. Is this good for people to become a big consumer? This can drive people to do corruption!


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