Proactive also means that You understand and act on it.

Karl Marx said : The Task is not just to understand the World but you change it.
You learn from participating. You learn from others. You learn from the people you are trying to organize. We all have to gain the understanding and experience to formulate and implement ideas.

The phrases above approximately or one alternative attitude of proactive. You are asked to drive your future. Either for your personal or your profesionalism life. You are riding the waves but you aim to arrive at a point of place that you have set before.

If you  want to change you life or at least you want to bring yourself to an objective you already set before, you better to fully comprehend your self. Soem people will say, ” Ah! You will need a SWOT analysis of yourself! That is true! But the principal thing is not just to comprehend and understand, but you act on it. You change yourself!

Yes! You will need energy! But the energy will come when you have made decision that you will change your life.



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