Many different companies merged into one corporation.

In the last two years I have been struggling equalize and standardize the quality level of petroleum geoscientist from several different company or business units.When several companies was merged into one corporation, of course, the employee wanted their compensation and benefit package to be equalized or harmonized. While the quality level of the same position has different quality. They wanted to be equalized to be the same with best company employee. The employees could not accept when they was rated lower than the other company.

It is quite a challenge when we merge several oil companies become one corporation. Each of the company has its own asset or block. Each of the asset has differnet contract with government. Now they are put into one corporation. Each of asset or business unit has its own culture. Also the employee, of course, has different quality for the same position.

Since they come from different asset with different wealth, different production level, the employees across the business unit has different level of compensation of benefit. But now we have to equalize them. Then we have to standardize their competence.


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