The First day of our Field Trip Kulon Progo – Bayat – Pacitan

Today is the first day of our geological field trip for our young geologist and geophysicist they would visit 6 stops of geological outcrop on the way from Jogyakarta to Kulonprogo and Bayat. They will come back to Jogyakarta for overnight.

Back to basico and back to the rock is our reason to hold this geological field trip. The petroleum geoscientist need to calibrate their seismic and log interpretation of the subsurface geology with looking, touching, measuring and describing the actual rocks on the geological outcrop.

This field trip was paricipated by 22 young geologist and geophysicist of our company. Most of them are fresh graduate. This is a part of the way we develop profesionalisme of petroleum geoscientist. Two of them had a background of information technology who works together with our geoscientist in supporting the use of technology and data management. We bring them to this field trip in order they can understand the way a geologist and geophysicist works and thinking ini analyzing subsurface data for petroleum exploration.

We also bring our colleague who has a background in Geodetic engineering and GIS or geographyc information system. We need geodetic engineer in our exploration to help us in reconstructing field geograhyc location of proposed well location. To harmonize and standardized the datum coordinate system to avoid mis-location in drilling.

The rest of them are geologist, geophysicist, petrophysicist and operation geologist.
We worked together with Center for Energy Study of University of Gajah Mada Jogyakarta.
The field trip leader of this program is Professor Budianto Toha.

The picture above showed Professor Buidianto Toha surrounded by our geologist, was explaining one outcrop in the first stop.

The picture above Prof Budianto Toha pointing a mouth bar outcrop in the Watupuru village. He was explaining about sequence stratigraphy.

The plan of our Field Trip Kulon Progo – Bayat – Pacitan is as follows :

1-4 October 2012       (4H5M)
H-1 Monday               Arrive at Jogja, overnight at Jayakarta Hotel, evening session : General information on field trip stops, outcrops and geology

H-2 Tuesday               Jogja – Kulon Progo – Bayat, overnight at Jogjakarta à Rift Basin Petroleum System, Basement Geology, Sequence Stratigraphy Application (6 stops)

H-3 Wednesday        Jogja – Wonogiri – Pacitan, overnight at Pacitan à  Carbonate Geology (6 stops)

H-4 Thursday             Pacitan – Jogja, overnight at Jogja à Intra Volcanic Petroleum System, Sequence Stratigraphy Application (6 stops)

H-5 Friday                   Check out Jogja, free program

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