Grabbed and Paid a book about Noam Chomsky

While I was waiting my flight to go back to Jakarta in Adi Sucipto airport Jogyakarta, I got a chance to look around the Periplus bookstore. I was on the way back to Jakart after we finished a geological field trip in Kulonprogo, Bayat and Pacita. I saw the book of Noam Chomsky with a the title -How the World Works-.

I know the name of Noam Chomsky from a friend of mine about two years ago. We were in journey to the field. During the travel. He sat next to me in the car. He told me about his experience taking a course in united states. And he felt quite lucky that he got a chance to attend the class of Noam Chomsky. He said Noam Chomsky was extraordinary!

Now I started reading it in Elite Club while I was waiting for my daughter to pick me up. After reading several pages and topics, I found this book is about the politics of United States. The English is simple yet still not straight forward to understand. I read this book by the swimming pool at Elite club. When I came to the Elite club the afternoo was so bright and sunny, but now the sky is getting dark. My daughter is still in Jagorawi toll road on the way to may place. My wife was in the car, sent me a message that in Jagorawi toll road was heavy rain. My driver could not drive my car car fast. Hmm…the rainy season has come in Jakarta. The newly elected Governor of Jakarta was about to be installed in the next several days. Mr Jokowi and Mr. Basuki. They come and be inaugurated in the bad season..the rainy season.

Back to the book about Noam Chomsky, that title How the World Works. I have read three topics of the book: Protecting our Turf, The Liberal Extrem and The Gramd kind of intriquing….


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