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Overpressure VS Underpressure Evidence During Exploration Drilling

One of the risk in ┬ápetroleum exploration drilling is a blowout. A blowout can cause a collapse of the rig hence to cause the fatality to people and ┬ámillion┬ádollar property loss. One cause of blowout is the formation overpressure that … Continue reading

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Creative work also means that you do not limit your work with any boundary

This morning I did a peer review on the exploration leads inventory of one of our business unit. This is what I told to my exploration leader in the business unit in our corporation. In creating opportunity, the petroleum GeoScientist … Continue reading

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The Richer consumes more

For example, we can quote on one book that the US, with its 5% population ofthe world, consumes 40% world resources. The US is a rich, or maybe the richest, country. The rich society tend to spend more and cinsume … Continue reading

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Proactive also means that You understand and act on it.

Karl Marx said : The Task is not just to understand the World but you change it. You learn from participating. You learn from others. You learn from the people you are trying to organize. We all have to gain … Continue reading

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Many different companies merged into one corporation.

In the last two years I have been struggling equalize and standardize the quality level of petroleum geoscientist from several different company or business units.When several companies was merged into one corporation, of course, the employee wanted their compensation and … Continue reading

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Leader dares to be alone

The higher you go to the top, to more you feel being alone. That is a leader. A leader must dare to be alone. In a certain topics or matter you can have friends to discus with but you will … Continue reading

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Kemana Presiden Kita? Banyak kasus Konflik nasional dibiarkan.

Itulah sekarang kepanjangan dari KPK ketika kini perseteruan KPK lawan Polri terulang lagi. Perseteruan karena kasus korupsi di Korlantas Polri yang digerebeg KPK yang menetapkan Irjen Djoko Susilo sebagai tersangka dan berakhir dengan Polri menyerbu KPK untuk menangkap penyidik KPK … Continue reading

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