Final Briefing for the Kulonprogo-Pacitan Geological Field Trip

That Friday afternoon, yesterday I meant ( 28 September 2012 ) one of my leader held a final briefing for the Kulonprogo-Pacitan geological field trip. We have planned for long time before this year to hold geological field trip for our young geoscientist. We started the program with a class room program on sequene stratigraphy than continued with the field trip to the gelogical outcrop. The class room program has been held several month ago. It has to be followed by field trip right away, but it did not happen. It because of lower priority project compare to the other.

We worked together with the Faculty of Geology of university of Gajah Mada, Center for Energy Study. To the participant young geoscientist I said, that we select Prof Budianto Toha from University of Gajah Mada, since we know Prof Budianto Toha has a lot of reserach experience in the university and industry. So he knows the theoritical and practical experience ini petroleum geology. We expect to gain the strong relation between theoritical geology, field rock outcrops, the seismic interpretation then integrated reservoir modeling.


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