Indonesian Youngsters like books of Ajahn Brahm?

I found many youngsters in Indonesia like to read the books of Ajahn Brahm. I found it in the twitter time line. If you search Ajahn Brahm on the Twitter, you will find so many Indonesian youngsters quoting and appreciating words of Ajahn Brahm that they found from the books.

It is interestingly enough that  the youngsters seemed to come from various religion. They appeared to be moslem, christian and of course from Buddhist. I raised several question probing to several youngsters who tweet about Ajahn Brahm. They said that words or tale by Ajahn Brahm was very simple to understand, a lot of  wise thought in humorous way and of enlighting one  to them, the youngsters.

To me this  is an encouraging signs of Indonesian youngsters. In the midst of strong vocalist of intolerant people, there some youngster from various religions backbround showed their openness and intelligent to find and appreciate the good things from different religion that enlighting them. They were thankful and appreciate Ajahn Brahm.

Months ago I found my cousin who were a student, come to me and asked me if I have read a books of Ajahn Brahm. I said not yet. After that I found and picked one book of Ajahn Brahm in Gramedia. The first book of Ajahn Brahm I read was ” Hidup Senang Mati Tenang”. it tell us about buddhism in a very simple way. Is a good book though. The second book I read was ” Si Cacing dengan Kotoran Kesayangannya 1″.

Ajahn Brahm is a buddhis monk who live in Perth Australia. His young name was Peter Bets and studied theoritical physics in Cambridge University in London. Then start 1974, in the age of 23 years , he spent 9 years in the jungle as a buddhis monk under his teacher Ajahn Chah Bodhinyana. Now he has been 35 years serving as a Buddhis monk and share his tale to people.


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