Talent Management in My Opinion

In my opinion, the talent management mentor is like what I call in my culture as “Mbok Emban”.  In old Javanes culture we know “Mbok Emban” as a part of a family. Espaecially in royal family. The Queen or the wife of a King usually did not raise their  kids by herself to become a King or Prince or Princess.  Especially  if the King’s children did not come from the first wife or from the second or other wives. To ensure that all the King’s children  is raised to become a  minimum quality standard of prince or princess, there is a person, ussually an old woman, who are specialist to raise the King’s children to become a prince or princess. So when this King’s children is mature they are ready to be offered to the King or Kingdom to inherit the throne or to be assigned to lead or to become smaller king in one of  the area of the main Kingdom.


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