Mountain Biking in Jatiasih Track Bekasi, West Java

This evening I am feeling  “do-not-want to-move”  after got up of a long sleep this afternoon. I was so physically tired after finishing mountain bike in Jatiasih  track  this morning.  Even I feel physically tired but I feel good psychologically, and just enjoying Saturday night at home with my family.

This Saturday morning, 23 October 2011,  was the first time for me to try the mountain bike in Jatiasih track.  If you ask me more detail about Jatiasih mountain bike track, I will refer you to this site  or  site.

Several days ago I received an email from office colleague to join the Petrobike mountain bike event in Jatiasih  track in Bekasi.  I agreed to join and this was the first time also I join a Petrobike event. This Petrobike event was hosted by my company and CNOOC.

Gathering photo before cross country bike

I started from my home at 6 in the morning. My driver put my bike on the car bike rack and we went to the Jatiasih Track. I arrived at the Jalur Jatiasih (JJ) base camp around 7 AM. There was so many participant already there. They were from various  oil company in Jakarta as they are members of the Petrobike community. This event was the 19th anniversary of the Petrobikers community.

Going downhill with a scream ...
Going downhill with a scream ...

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