My Recruitment Strategy Toward Talent Management

I have been more than 6 years in this company. This  is an Oil and Gas Exploration Production Company in Indonesia. When I joined this company in year 2005, I was established as as geophysics and geology manager in one of  the asset or business unit of this company.  One of the duty, maybe unwritten duty, in this position was to develop a strong petroleum geoscience  organization or department.

After 3 years in my position, I got a more responsibility not only a manager of geophysics and geology division manager but then I was established as Vice President of Exploration in this  Business Unit or Asset. Again, one of the duty or responsibility was to develop a strongth petroleum geoscientist  organization.  This duty continue  until I was established as Head of Geosciences in  the end 2010 of this company that oversee all petroleum geosciences  business of this company across all business unit or petroleum assets.

It is fortunate for me that I like working on people development, so I have a passion on developing and strengthening the petroleum geosciences  organization for this company.

It was not easy to build an exploration organization. This company has a unique character and situation. This is a mature asset. The exploration and development can not be separated. The Geology and Geophysics Manager had to able to integrate not only the geology and geophysics to construct a subsurface model but also to integrate exploration and development thinking.


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