Myanmar A-6 Block Review

It was in the morning  time in my office when I was a little bit surprised as I  read my email trail. Actually sudden surprise like this  almost happen in everyday life.  The Partner representative was in town and they were in our office.  Apparently the night before, one of the Partner representative emailed me that they wanted to see the progress Myanmar A-6 block review that they given us to review by my team.

It was like a sudden to me, since  my team is still reviewing the data and one of my team member was borrowed by other unit to attend a meeting with BPMIGAS about the POD approval process.  I  coordinated my team to prepare the progress.

When I meet with the Partner Reps, actually they wanted to be updated the progress but they also and always urge me to give a confirmation about the prospectivity of this block. Even they asked my personal guts and opinion since I said that my team has not concluded the review yet. Well, with the current data available we have and our current understanding which is still progressing,  the block appear to be high risk.

I said them my team consist of three geoscientist. One reviewing the regional petroleum geology, one reviewing the well data and another one is reviewing the 3D seismic volume. The review on 3D seismic volume will a bit time consume since we have to pick the horizon. The interpretation horizon was not available on the data package.



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