Assignment on Talent Management

One of my colleague who assigned as a talent management mentor started working on this job. He reported by email to relevant party, mainly the HRD,  that he got a bit un-smooth process in his job that might be due to not sufficient communication between the mentee ( a person that is being mentored ), the division manager, the  general manager and the HRD with the mentors. Well then let us have a coordination meeting to evaluate the progress.

A  new assignment was given to me  in May 2011.  I was assigned as a mentor of  Talent Management program in my company. Although talent management has been around for relatively a long time in the industry, actually I guess, my company just started to implement.

Apparently my company had a series of several meeting before launching the Talent Management program. Our Board of Director had requested the Human Resources Department make our company implement and engaged to talent management program. About talent management program, you and every reader has known a lot or you can  googlle search about talent management. So many article about  talent management in the internet, that is what I mean that this talent management is not quite new to the industry.

It seemed that  my company HRD has done some action on talent management  before the launching date by BOD in July 2011. They have made the talent pool selection via an assessment center. They reviewed the  candidate performance appraisal and they consulted with the respective General Manager of the Business Unit.

For me assignment as one of  the Talent Management mentor is interesting  job since I got a passion  in people development and strategic management even though I have very limited time as a Chief of Geosciences of this large national petroleum company.


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