The Book of ” AFTERSCHOCK” by Philippe Legrain

We were in Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport. The day was Thursday 8 September 2011. We took Garuda flight that would take off 17:10 hours, the GA-869. I was with my wife. I and my colleagues have recently completed the task to evaluate the block in Bangkok, precisely in the office PTTEPI. While we were waiting for boarding on the plane I and my wife walked in the terminal waiting room. Still exist in our pockets, the remaining money of 750 Baht Thai Baht. We were walking up and down looking in shops at the airport that we could buy. My wife wanted to buy more presents for friends in Jakarta who is good enough for baht money we had. After back and forth we did not find souvenir items that cost750 Baht, I went to the bookstore.

At the bookstore was a lot of books on Buddhism that was good and interesting to buy, but I was more interested in a book on international financial analysis written by Philippe Legrain.  It’s called Aftershock, Reshaping the world economy after the crisis. On the cover it was written ‘A blueprint for a new world economic order – the Sunday Times’. Of course this is interesting!  I open the cover and read at a glance some of the chapters of the book, it was interesting.. hmmm … the style is very popular language to tell about the origins of the world economic crisis in 2008 which has just passed and the future direction and advice.

I then told my wife, if we could not find a gift worth of Baht 750, I wanted to buy this book. The price was 545 baht. I thought this a good book. After I guaranteed that I will read this book, my wife finally bought me this book.


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