We had to go to Bangkok

In the mid of  my trip to Sukabumi, Saturday 20 August 2011, I  got a call from a member the Board Of Director ( BOD ), if I could go to Bangkok and then to Myanmar with one of my geologist   for the data room evaluation of the block, on August 30, 2011.  I said that  I was ready, but the geologist may not be ready because of about Lebaran holiday .  And it is true,  my geologist  already had a reservation for a family home Lebaran and would be back on September 2, 2011.  So I had to negotiate  with the BOD  in order to go to the data room in Bangkok after  3 Sptember 2011.

Tuesday 22 September 2011, I was  assure that the data room could be postponed until September 5, 2011, but we had a meeting in Bangkok on Sunday 4 September 2011 in Bangkok. So we had to go  to Bangkok on the 3rd of September 201.So we could  all  go home and spend Iedul Fitri holidays .

For this time the  data room was a consortium of several companies investors in Asia. They were from China and Indonesia.  They are based in Beijing, Hongkong, Bangkok, Singapore and Jakarta.   Our Company must provide geologist, geophysicist, petroleum engineer and a financial modeler. While they provide expert drilling,  project management and geological consultant with local knowledge.

The block of  which we will evaluate is in offshore Gulf of Martaban in the Andaman Sea in the north of Moattama basin, in the offshore area of Burma or Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE). The block is  operated by  the Thai national oil company PTTEPI.

We begin to prepare our tickets, booked the  hotels in Bangkok and cash advance  of money.  We booekd  the Sofitel Centara Grand Phaholyotin Hotel in Bangkok. It is close to the office where we will perform the  data room in PTTEPI office .

After all preaparation was ready we all could go to tour home town for celebrating the Iedul Fitri and we planned to fly to Bangkok on  Saturday September 3, 2011.


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