West Sumatera Trip – The beauty of Koto Gadang


Koto Gadang, the name means the bing city, but actually it is a small city but very nice. Koto Gadang is one of historical city in West Sumatera Province in Indonesia. It is a historic city since many of Independence fighter came from this city. Such as Sutan Sjahrir, Haja agus salim and many others. They were the intelectual brain of Indonesia during defore and after independence era.


The city of Koto Gadang is now still a quiet city and very preserved, since most of the citizen go out the city for living. They left their home to the guard or old people. Only during the month of Ramadhan or Iedul Fitri they go home and gather to this city. Every year they have event what they called “Pulang Basamo” or go home together.


The above picture is one of nice house but very quiet, typical house in Koto Gadang.


This is a building, an old building, for the Koto Gadang get to gather to have a meeting reagrding the custom or establishing somebody to becaome a prominent person in the village.


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