The First Anniversary of Keluarga Aranya Giri Sakta 19-20 Juni 2010 in Pondok Halimun

In the date 19-20 June 2010 Aranya Giri Sakta Family celebrates its first birthday with a family camping event at Pondok Halimun Gede Mountain National Park Pangrango Sukabumi The first birthday is filled with a planting activity for re-greening in the Senior high school Mardi Yuana Sukabumi on Saturday evening June 19, 2010 . Then proceed with the family camping in the Pondok Halimun.
On Saturday night at the family camping we did prayer for our welfare and eating rice cone ( Nasi Tumpeng ) together In the picture above shows Ibu Nik Sunarto the sespuh of Aranya Sakta Giri was also present , even she made the rice cone ( nasi tumpeng ) for us all .
The camping event was also attended by the sons and daughters of the family Aranya Sakta Giri ,they eventually also become a new member . So Aranya Giri Sakta already have grandchildren member.
On Sunday day of June 20, 2010  the program was  filled with forest ecology education program by Kang Away from Gunung Gede National Park Pangrango. We learnt forest ecology with trekking along the lines of interpretation. Kang Away explained to us all about the ecology of the forest in the path of interpretation . We,  people and children , were very happy to listen to explanations about the forest ecology. The  lesson was very interesting and valuable.
After field learning  the ecology of forest we planted trees for reforestation and tree adoption . This is a good education for the children in order them to love plants and our planet  This tree planting activities were also conducted by our children . So they could appreciate the significance and value of the trees for humans .
When we finished planting trees we made a family photo as it is shown  above. Unfortunately, there were  many of us did not showed up in the  photograph . After taking photos we ate  rice liwet , special food of Aranya Giri Sakta Family .
We will continue our story on the next post .

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