Cacao and Kopi Luwak in Bali Kitamani Agro Tourism

Bali now is not only welknown as the god island with very attractive culture of Hinduism but also the agro-tourism. In the way from Denpasar to Kintamani or Mount Batur, as we are passing the highland area, there are several field of agro tourism. They planted coffee, mango, snake-fruit and cacao.

The road from Denpasar to Kintamani has many nice view with a very fresh cold air. The highland is suitable for agro tourism. The farmer or the owner of the agro field does not only sell the fruit or the crops but they also sell the show of field activities. The visitor can see how the farmer grow and nurse the plantation. The visitor can enjoy the fruit or the crops such as snake fruit, drink special coffee or special cacao.

Bali Kintamani Coffee Plantation Geographic location was in the mountains of Kintamani Bali. 1.000 m to 1.100 m in altitude. Being in an area of fertile volcanic soils, dry climate, near to equator (10 ° S). It able to produce 2.000 to 3.000 tons per year of green coffee beans it. We stopped for a moment in Trisna Bali Agrowisata in Bangli.

Other interesting thing is the Kopi Luwak. The cat poop coffee. This is the most expensive coffee in the world.The farmer also produce Kopi Luwak. They grow coffee bean and procesess as Kopi Luwak. In this visit we try the Kopi Luwak and the Cacao drink. It is anothet excitement in Bali.

Kopi Luwak or Civet coffee is steeping coffee use coffee bean taken from the remaining dirt mongoose/ Palm civet. The coffee is believed to have different tastes when eaten and passed through the digestive tract mongoose.Thisfamous in Southeast Asia has long been known, but in the new area it became famous in the coffee enthusiasts gourmet after publication in the 1980s. Coffee beans mongoose is the most expensive in the world, reaching EUR100 per 450 gram.

Notoriety is believed to be due to coffee myth in the past, when it opened a coffee plantation on a massive reign Dutch East Indies until the decade 1950s, Where there was still a lot of animals like mongoose weasel.

We tried the coffee and the cacao drink.


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