How to have a great outdoor camping- What to do

For a busy people, it is diffcult to enjoy an outdoor activities. When you can only spend one night for camping, the best time to enjoy the outdoor environtment for camping is between 3 0’clock in the afternoon until 9 o’clock in the following morning. It is recommended you arrive at the camping ground just before 3 o’clock in the afternoon. I called the time of this period is a golden time camping since it really remove your tired from your body and remove the stress from your mind.

If you camp in a high land or mountaneous area, after 3 o’clock is a nice transition temperature. Ussually a cool and cooler wind softly blows. In the afternoon after you taking a bath, another sensation is felt. A clean and fresh body is felt very nice. The two person above are enjoying the late afternoon raining after took an afternoon bath. Looking to the far of a rain under a gathering tent.

After having dinner around 9 to 10 pm is the time to enjoy the fire place, corn barbeque, cassava and bandrek drinking are the suitable snack. On the other hand we gather aound the fire with the guitar and singing.

Fighting the low temperature within the sleeping bag is another great sensation yet we sleep though. Some time I just outside the tent in the cold just like immerse myself into a freezer, not for a long time just a while.

When you get up in the morning around 5 o’clock , start to cook the water for coffee or a spicy noodle. It is great time enjoying the new day in the morning.

The cool and silent morning will put us in a feeling of being close to God the Creator. So, you can be feel thankful like this buddy below who was in deep prayer.

Or, you just “bengong” looking far to the landscape when you got lazy to take a shower like this lady. This lady just in deep “flying mind” in the morning before she took a bath.

How about you? How do you enjoy your camping? Share with us..


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