The Pine Forest Camping Ground in the North of Bandung

Family camping trips are always considered to be a good way to break-free from the hectic schedules that members of the family have and just indulge in relaxation as the entire family enjoys the different family camping escapades as well as a bonfire through the night.

It was a long week end of Waisak Day on Friday 28 2010. My office held a 2 night camp for the youth on Friday 28 to 30 May 2010 in the Pine Forest Lembang. I went after our friend to there on Saturday, after we attended senior high school graduation of my first daughter.

It took almost 3 hours drive from Bintaro to the Pine Forest camping ground. It was 29 May 2010, we started from Bintaro at 12. We took the Simatupang Jakarta Outer Ring Road then to Cipularang toll road, went up to Lembang then to the Pine Forest.

The camp in the Pine forest in the morning.
My family with friend that we met there

The map to get to Pine Forest from the Cipularang toll road.


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