Hiking to the waterfall in Batu Tapak Camping Ground Cidahu, Sukabumi West Java

The family is the core of every society and is basically the basis of what kind of a person you become. As the family members grow up, it is inevitable to have their own separate lives and eventually; they will be totally away from each other. That is why moments spent with the family are always priceless. There are different ways for a family to get together; there are the common parties, days out in the mall but the most memorable things are often those out of town trips. That is why we took our big families to the Batutapak Camping Ground in a mountaineous area in Sukabumi.

The first activities when we arrived at the camping ground was to take a walk together to the waterfall.

We took a pose on the way down hill to the waterfall.

The track crossed the paddy field and the damar forest. It was nice trekking in the early afternoon afternoon. The sun was so friendly and the wind was just so tender .

The forest along the hiking track was very fresh as we went a long the shady track of high trees. The oxygen was just abundant to fill up our lung. The abundant oxygen just freshened our mind and we just full with laugh and laughter along the track, even the track was up and down the hill.


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