Batu Tapak Camping Ground Cidahu Sukabumi, West Java

A camping trip can be a delightful excursion for seeing the great outdoors, as well as a wonderful way for families and friends to spend time together in a relaxed setting at a relatively low cost. Campgrounds abound all over the world, but they are especially popular in well known tourist and vacation destinations. Whether camping near a fairly large city, in a secluded forest in the mountains, or near a windswept beach, a successful camping trip is always dependent upon the planning involved.

Taking our family or kids to outdoor will give them a unique sensation and experience. Kids of nowadays are from air conditioned mall and play station environment. Children are in limited contact with nature. Camping is one game to bring chidren to nature. We were very fortunate that our kids and their nephews like to outdoor for camping.

On 24 and 25 April, Saturday and Sunday we spent the week end with family camping in Batu Tapak Cidahu Sukabumi. The location was about 3 hours drive from Jakarta to the Sukabumi direction. We have been several time before to camp in Batu Tapak, but we always come back here with different group. My big family of my wife had assumed that my family knows alot about camping. So,they asked us to organize this family camp.

We started from Jakarta around o’clock in the Saturday morning, having stop for a while at Sentul, then continued to Cidahu. At Cicurug, before we turned to Cidahu, we ate lunch first at Lembur kuring restaurant.

The weather was very bright when we arrived at the camping ground around two o’clock in the afternoon. Our camp consist of 6 smal tent that accommodate 4 persons, one bigger tent that accommodate 6 – 8 persons and one a gathering tent.


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