My Village Become Kampoeng Agrowisata

I live in a suburban of South Jakarta called Pasanggrahan. My village or Kampoeng is in Rukun Warga 06 of Pasanggrahan. On last Sunday 25 October 2009, my village was established as Kampoeng Agrowisata. It was established so, since the local citizen ,by its own initiative, has succefully greened the village with plantation. Every house in the Kampoeng plant the fruit in its yard. Then the wild birds and bees make their nest in many citizen houses and the big plantation. Every morning the wild birds sings like in a real small village.
I planted Srikaya fruit, mango and many other plantation. I fulled my yard and house with plantataion. The environment in my Kampoeng become cool and friendly.

The above picture shows the main entrance gate during the Kampoeng Agrowisata Pesanggrahan establishment. This is the Jalan Nuri entrance with ondel-ondel on both side of the entrance. Ondel-ondel is traditional gigantic puppet of Betawi.

The establishment was done by the Jakarta Selatan Master . Now, Jakarta Selatan has three places for showcase of green urban environment to show to foreigner.



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