The Estuary of Cipanarikan River, Ujung Genteng, Sukabumi Regency

Very quiet water of Cipanarikan river with rfelection the woods on the water. Almost no moves..but the river crocodile is there..becareful.

Tranquility, and quiet . That is the impression when we are in the estuary of t Cipanarikan river in Ujung Genteng. The white sand of the beach is on the right.

The sun went down and would dissapear behind the land. The sand body is between the ocean and the estuary on the right.

Ujung Genteng is located about 100 kilometer to the south of Sukabumi. Or if we started off from Jakarta, we would have to go on a 250 kilometers journey. It would be a 6 hours journey by land because we have to pass through several small towns like Cicurug and Cibadak which were famous for its quite dense population. But we can also take the Cikidang road to Pelabuhan Ratu, we turn to the right at Parungkuda before Cibadak. After Pelabuhan Ratu we take to the east that we will come across winding and hilly roads with beautiful scenery on the side of the road. Ujung Genteng is on the south coast of West Java.

Cipanarikan Estuary is also one of interesting place to visit in Ujung Genteng. This estuary is the meeting point of Cipanarikan River with the ocean. Cipanarikan River forms a path before meet the ocean, so that is formed extent of sand that is wide enough with form of real smooth sand, very compatible as playground sand for children. We can reach Cipanarikan only by motorbike accross a beach jungle from the Ujung Genteng village, where people usually take a cottage to stay.


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