PARAHYANGAN AGUNG JAGATKARTTA: A temple in the foothill of Salak Mountain, Bogor Indonesia

In the 23rd of May 2009, I visited a Bali Hinduism temple in Bogor. It was the first time for me to visit and I was amazed with the beauty and greatness of this Pura ( Balinese Hinduism temple). It is located in a high land at the foot hill of Mount Salak, in the Warung Loak village, Taman Sari, Ciapus at Ciomas district of Bogor. This is the largest Hinduism temple in the Land of Sundanese or the Land of Parahyangan, and even in the Java island.

The establishment of the Pura ( Hinduism temple ) started in 1995 in a place that was believed to be the place of King Siliwangi ( Prabu Siliwangi ), a great king of ancient kingdom, called Padjadjaran Kingdom, of Sundanese in West Java Indonesia. The golden years of the government of Prabu ( King ) Siliwangi was in the years 1482 to 1521 AD. The government was then continued by his son the King Surawisesa . All of these was written on a stone at Batu-tulis street in Bogor city, which was written in the Caka years of 1455 or 1533 AD.

The temple was built here since there was a strong mystical feeling of the existence of Eyang Prabu Siliwangi in this place. It was Anggawijaya and several Balinese blessed people in 1985 who felt the mystical power of Eyang Prabu Siliwangi in this place. This point of land ( Ind: petilasan ) is believed to be the place where Prabu Siliwangi and his last troops dissapeared. In this place Prabu Siliwangi disasapeared when he was gone after by his son Prabu ( the prince ) Kian Santang and being forced to convert his beliefs in Hinduism to Islam. Prabu Siliwangi is believed to be “moksa” in this place and the troops become ” artificial tiger” who then is believed to protect the Sunda land and the Sundanese. This legendary folklore sends a message to the Prabu Silwangi ‘s descendat that Prabu Siliwangi is never conquered and blessed by God the Creator of Universe.

The picture above shows the Balinese Hindu worshippers smiling before prayer in the shrine, with Mount Salak in the background. The Balinese Hinduis strongly believes that Prabu Siliwangi and the ancient Sundanese Hinduis are their ancestor. Many Balinese words is the same with Sundanese language words. This temple and shrine were built in the spirit to honor the Prabu Siliwangi who brought the Padjadjaran Kingdom to reach its golden years. When the Prabu ( King ) governed the Kingdom with the spirit “Tata Tentram Kertha Raharja”, peaceful in justice and prosperous, based on the teachings of the ancestors “Sang Hyang Dharma and Sang Hyang Siksa”.

Non-Hinduism people like to visit and enjoy the temple. The picture above shows , Anto Jadoel the presenter of Riwajatmoe Doeloe TV program and Pak Tarcisius Soehardjo sharing the happiness feeling in the temple. The worshippers in the temple believe, whoever the visitor and whatever their religion, who visit the temple does not come by their will, but they were called to visit by Eyang Prabu ( Siliwangi ). The worshippers believe whoever will be invited to come on their own time when Eyang Prabu to call them. So this place are open to everybody to visit and seeking a peaceful feeling. The worshippers believe that all Indonesian are, whatever their religion now, Eyang Prabu descendant and being loved by Eyang Prabu, so they welcome every body to come by the temple.

The mistery of Prabu Siliwangi

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  1. Dear Sir,

    I would like to introduce myself that my name is Krishna from India and working in Indonesia since last 3 years, I am a strong believer of Prabu Siliwangi and would like to know more about the mystic power about him.

    It would be highly appreciated to provide details and also would like to visit the temple very shortly may please be informed the address of the temple to enable me to visit as soon as possible.

    Thanks and regards



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