Tanah Lot Amanda Ratu Ujung Genteng

Amanda Ratu Resort is located in the estuary of Cikarang river in the beach of Ujung Genteng in souther edge of west Java. The Amanda Ratu geographically lies in the border of Kecamatan Surade and Kecamatan Ciracap. It is constructed on the land of coconut plantation of PT. Wira Citespong

The above picture was taken from the resort to the estuary. It is to the east direction from the Resort. The left part was the Cikarang river that flowed to the sea on the right part. The waves too strong strucks the estuary so the delta did not form on the mouth of the river. Contrary to that, it appeared that the waves destroyed the main land so some pieces of land separated from the main land. The separated piece of land on the right part look very beautiful with the struck of the waves. It appeared like Tanah Lot in Bali, so people, especially the photographer called this view as Tanah Lot Amanda Ratu.


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