Cruising to Krakatau Volcano

On Sunday the 14 June 2009, around three in the afternoon we left Ciboleger ( Baduy area ) for Carita beach. We drove up back to Rangkasbitung, to Pandeglang and then to Carita beach. We would continue our trip from Baduy to Krakatau volcano in Sunda strait.

We drove a small road in dark and took about 4 hours to arrive at Carita beach. We made a phone contact to our guide Pak Rohman advising that we were about to arrive but before we met him, we would like to have dinner first. We found a very good dinner in fish market Carita. We ate fish barbeque and it was very nice.

Anak Krakatau is one of most active volcano in Indonesia. In Monday morning 15 June 2009, after having breakfast, around eight thirty in the morning we move to boat jetty. Pak Epoy was our tour guide to accompany us to the Krakatau volacano islands. The vessel was a double engine speedboat. The boat could accomodate ten people passenger excluding the crew boat. But in uor case , the passenger were five people with three crew boat. They are the tour guide Pak Epoy, the boat driver and the driver assistance.



About Krakatau Volcanism.



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