Planning a Trip to Inner Baduy and Krakatau Volcano

Yesteday morning I was advised by my wife that my third daughter will  start her school holiday on Monday 15 June 2009. My wife said that we can start our vacation on next Monday. Then I rushed to find a vatcaion destination in addition to  our plan to Ujung Genteng Beach. I have  been long time to haave an interest to visit the Baduy tribe life in Banten and the Krakatau volcano.

Yesterday morning I started  browsing the information about Baduy and Krakatau volcano. I found a contact  in Carita Tour. His name is Pak Roman. He explained me about the Baduy trip, if I would like to go by my self. Then he mentioned another name  to cantact to. There he is Pak Agus. Pak Agus is the coordinator of  Baduy trip guide in Ciboleger village.

From the information that I could gather, the trip to Baduy Dalam will require us to drive  about 3 hours from Jakarta to Rangkasbitung via Pandeglang. Then continue drive to Ciboleger about  1 and half hours. Ciboleger is the gate to enter the Baduy Luar ( Outer Baduy). Then from Cibolger to Inner Baduy we will take a walk for along  13 kilometers or 3 hours.

We plan to spend the night in the Inner Baduy on the Saturday night and come back down to Ciboleger on the Sunday morning.  On tghe Sunday afternoon we will continue to Carita and spend the night in Carita Sunset View motel. In the following morning or Monday morning we will cruise for the the Krakatu volacno.

Last night I gathered my kids and talked about this program and started the preparation.  I wish God bless us and grant us  a save and enjoyable trip.


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