June-July 2009 Summer Vacation is coming

This is the month of June 2009. My three kids almost finished their class examination.  One of my daughter has to find a new school, since she will finish her secondary high schooll.  When they finish with their class examination, we will take a family vacation. We plan to  Ujung Genteng beach in the southern edge of west java. We plan to go on 26 to 29 June 2009. I have started browsing the internet for the information and my wife started to book hotel there. We hope some of our family will join us.

There were some option of destination to go for our family. First option is Manado. It has been long time that we wanted to go to Manado.  Since  it was difficult to confirm the vacation period of my three kids, it was difficult to book the flight to Manado far ealier. If we book the flight in very short notice, the ticket will be very expensive. So we might postpone to go to Manado and take Ujung Genteng beach as a viable  vacation trip destination.

We have contacted and checked several motel or hotel in Ujung Genteng, it appeared that most of them have been booked.  We still wish and try that we can have the the accommodatrion in Ujung Genteng  in thise days. There has been one  other family will join us to go to Ujung Genteng, so we might be a total of 1o people to t go there.

I have check ed blogs of people who shared information about Ujung Genteng, the trip will take about 6 to 7 hours drive  from Jakarta.  The critical places are the traffic in Cicurug and Cibadak that might be very crowded. We  must plan to pass those two city before the peak activities of the  traditional market in those two places.


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