The Interior of Sultan Siak Sri Indrapura Palace, Riau Province

In 1889, The Palace of Siak Sri Indrapura was built with Germany architect. This palace stand up luxury till now with gateway decorated by a couple eagles pounce with their eyes shining sharply accompany the visitors who come to The Palace.Inside The Palace we will see various high valuable collection like The Throne of Sultan wrapped by gold.

High quality and luxury marble tile on the floor.

Glass cupboard with sultanate heritage collectible

If we come to other room of the palace, we also will find various desks and chairs, made from wood, glass and crystal, arranged so natty below sophisticated crystal lamps hang-on from the palace plafond, And there are also various cupboards, and many form and type of arms made from iron and copper. There are also various presents from friends and neighbours around Siak Territory.

High quality wood works of table set.

A very luxurious dining room with gold plated chairs.

At the other side there are also made Comet castanets by hand-made in German which has disc’s radiant about 45 cm comprises classic Mozart and Beethoven songs. Somesays said that there are only two pieces of this model in this world, one is in Germany as and other was in Siak Palace.

The Comet, an antique gramaphone.

A luxury staircase to the second floor.

A corner of a room.


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