The Sultanate Siak Sri Inderapura Palace in Riau Province Sumatera, Indonesia

Location of Siak Sri Indrapura palace is near to the bank of Siak river which used to call Jantan river in the past. Its distance is about 125 km from Pekanbaru flange to the east to Malacca strait. It can be reached through the land or river. The Siak Palace was constructed by Sultan Syarif Hasyim, who was crowned in 1889. The building was completed in 1893. Siak Palace`s official name was “Asserayyah Al Hasyimiah” and it was also called the “Palace of the Eastern Sun.” Its architecture was a combination of Spanish, Arabian and Malay styles. The wall of the palace were decorated with ceramics from Europe. The palace had two floors.

The kingdom of Siak Sri Indrapura is a the biggest islamic kingdom of Malay in Riau. This kingdom achieved its golden era from 16 to 20 century. Since the beginning of its establishment in 1725, there were 12 Sultan has led this country. One of its inheritances which still stand up firmly is kingdom palace. The palace which was built by Sultan Assyaidis Syarif Kasim Abdul Jalil Syaifuddin ( 1889-1908) is called Assyiratul Hasyimiah.

Sultan Abdul Jalil Rakhmad Syah founded the kingdom in 1725. He was the first in a family tree of 12 sultans who would reign until 1945. In November 1945, the last sultan, Sultan Syarif Kasyim II, sent a cable to the president of Republic of Indonesia stating his loyalty to the republic, and he contributed his properties to the struggle of Indonesia’s independence.

Picture of Sultan Syarif Kasim II, the last Sultan of Siak Kingdom.

Nowadays, this palace become a place to keep kingdom’s collection objects, such as kingdom chair which is covered by gold, the duplicate of kingdom crown, kingdom’s saving box, kindom’s umbrella, kingdom’s lance, and a comet [big gramophone] as a rare equipment. It is said that there are only two of the same equipment in the world. One here, and another in Germany. Besides, there are also other ancient equipments.

A view from the palace to the front yard of the palace. The background was the Siak River.

Energi Mega Persada Malacca Strait Management Commitee were invited by the Governmet of Kabupaten Siak and made courtesy visit to the palace.


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