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Me at the Langebaan Lagoon, South Africa

The pictute was taken in 30 October 2008.  This was in a geological field trip that was organized by American Association of Petroleum Geologist. The popular town of Langebaan is just over 100 km from Cape Town on the West … Continue reading

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A Flock of Flamingo at Ocean Park Hongkong

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A House of My Childhood Memory, Sukabumi West Java

This is a house where I spent my childhood in Sukabumi since 1964 until 1979. This house was located at Jalan Tjipelang Gede now its is called Jalan Jenderal Sudirman. In 1979 I went to Bandung to attend the University. … Continue reading

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Ahmad Mikami Sumawiajaya, the youngest Pupuhu of Kampung Sindangbarang

Born in Bogor in 1970, Achmad is a pupuhu (traditional chief) in Sindangbarang Cultural Village. He is also the grandson of the late Etong Sumawijaya, a traditional elder in Bogor who had a street named after him in Sindangbarang. Raised … Continue reading

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Guard House of Presidential Palace in Bogor, Indonesia

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The Interior of Sultan Siak Sri Indrapura Palace, Riau Province

In 1889, The Palace of Siak Sri Indrapura was built with Germany architect. This palace stand up luxury till now with gateway decorated by a couple eagles pounce with their eyes shining sharply accompany the visitors who come to The … Continue reading

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Street Circus at Pasar Mayestik Jakarta

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