My First Time Cross Country Bike : Cihuni Track

This is the first time I joined a cross country bike. On Sunday 29 March 2009, I joined a cross country bike tour to Cihuni track. We started biking from Patagonia cluster in De Latinos housing complex in Bumi Serpong Damai, Banten Province. Tjahjo Pramono is a friend of mine who offered me to join this tour. Tjahjo live in Patagonia cluster.We started from Patagonia cluster around 8.30 in the morning. We were four biker ( cyclist ) when we started, they were myself, Tjahjo, Erwin and Teguh Sutoro. Teguh was an excelent bicycle mechanic. He was good enough to help me to tune my bicycle gear, so it became ready for the tour.From De Latinos we drove to the Green Cove construction area. The country area was Lengkong Kulon, Pagedangan Sub-district area ( Kecamatan ) , then we entered the country area. of Cihuni. During the trip two guys from Kalideres, Saepudin and Yadi joined us, so we were six in a group.

Left to right : Arif Wibowo, Yadi, Teguh ( the mechanic ), Tjahjo and Saepudin.

I remember this is the first stop we took for a rest. You see myself with big smile, actually I was justrecovered from being almost fainted and lost power for not enough oxygen after climbed a hill.

This is again myself with a big smile at the second stop. When I reached this stop, I just threw my bicycle to the grass and I laid my body down on the ground. I felt my stomach very uncomfortable and I looked for a toilet but I could not find any.
Here we came to the small lake. I was with Yadi.

Tjahjo took a group photograph in a framing composition. Thanks Tjahjo. it was a good job of photography.
Left to right : Saepudin, Arif Wibowo, Tjahjo, Yadi, Erwin.
We took group photo by the lake. We always have a big smile during the trip because every time after we almost lost of oxigen because our lung became bigger and very active to inhale oxygen, it made us very confortable and high confidence. Our mind was filled with cheerful feeing.
This the last stop in the country side before we entered back to the city area. This is cafe that the biker called the Warung Aat. It is very famous among the Cihuni biker community. The favorit beverage here is hot sweet ginger tea. We arrived here at around 11.30. When we arrived back to the De Latinos, I checked my GPS, we have finished a total of 28 KMs of on-road, off-road and cross country track. This is the first time I did cross
country bike and I will comeback again.

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